Regarding weddings and life, I believe in letting go of the expectations of "what should be" in order to fully embrace the "what is", as too often we cling to what feels familiar and what we think we are supposed to do, rather than embrace our own unique way.

-Okay with embracing or rejecting tradition, as long as it's true to them

-Believes that an important part of hiring an officiant is thinking about who you'd like to share space with (physically, emotionally, energetically) and not just looking for the cheapest officiant they can find. 

-Is looking for a memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony and is willing to collaborate with their officiant (aka: put in the work) to make it happen

-Wants a lifelong connection with their officiant

-Enjoys reflecting on their relationship and what brought them to the point of marriage

-Watches The Office (I'll shoot my shot)

Manny and Goose, Ashlee's other loves

A couple choosing Ashlee is likely... 

As a former elementary school teacher, I bring a sense of open-mindedness, light-heartedness, and creativity to each and every wedding ceremony. Officiating is a way for me to still use those public speaking skills, and do something that I am passionate about. I've officiated over 70 weddings in five different states, and look forward to the many more to come. 

A few of Ashlee's favorite things: my husband, our dogs, looking for shells (beachcombing and diving), yoga, meditation, reading, supporting local artists, bold statement earrings, farm flowers, playing volleyball, traveling, a good margarita and some guacamole, and living a life full of growth and gratitude. 


Expectations, assumptions, and comparison in the wedding world is a very real thing that can easily derail a couple in celebrating their own uniqueness.
My job as YOUR officiant is to  reCONNECT YOU TO your "why"...
 Why do you love this person, WHY ARE YOU HAVING A WEDDING, and what does marriage mean to you?