Hawaii Vista Weddings – Styled Elopement

The Bamboo Forest at Hawaii Vista Weddings

When I first arrived in Hawaii, I was not only moving my life, but moving my wedding officiating business. I was nervous, doubtful, and didn’t know any wedding vendors, and that’s where Diana, the owner of Hawaii Vista Weddings comes in. Since arriving on the island of Oahu, Diana has been hospitable, kind, and welcoming. Not only do we share a few things in common (being retired teachers, or being married to “our Mikes”), but shared a love for weddings, and making sure every wedding, no matter how big or small, gets the love and attention it deserves.

Hawaii Vista Weddings specializes in elopements and “micro weddings”, so usually 20 people and under. It’s located right in Pearl City, not too far from Honolulu, and pretty central in terms of island location. When you arrive, you are no longer in the middle of urban suburbia, as the massive property is tucked away (AKA EXTREMELY WELL HIDDEN) beautifully behind a gate. Then, you’re captivated by what lies beyond the gate: views, the plants, the ceremony space…all of it is wonderful.

SO wonderful, that Allie Dearie and I asked Diana if we could do a styled elopement shoot there when Allie was visiting in January. Diana agreed, and Allie and I found a wonderful couple who, like me, are also a military family. Mackenzie and Hayden have been together since high school! In the officiating world, I don’t meet too many couples who have been together, and essentially, grown up with each other. Mackenzie still had her dress that she wore when they said “I do” about a year ago, and we bought them some beautiful leis from Whole Foods in Kailua, HI, and we all arrived to make some styled elopement magic happen together.

If you’re looking for a place on the island Oahu to get married, I’d highly recommend Hawaii Vista Weddings!

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