Why you can no longer afford to stress about wedding planning

The words “stress” and “wedding planning” seem to be synonymous when speaking with couples…especially after 2020.

I don’t like those two words being associated.

With our physical bodies, emotional well-being, and bank accounts everchanging in the midst of a global pandemic, we cannot afford to spend our energy “stressing” about a wedding. Why? We need to preserve that energy for things that matter.

You know what’s more important than your wedding seating chart or guest list? Getting adequate sleep.

You know what’s more important than what flowers will be in your bouquet? Drinking enough water.

And you know what’s more important than your wedding? Your marriage.

Things happen, and we need to stop labeling them as “good” or “bad”…because we aren’t in control. All we can do is choose how we react, and when it comes to planning a wedding during a pandemic, it’s no different. We can either choose to be a victim or make lemons with lemonade.

Pre-pandemic expectations of what your wedding “should be” versus what your wedding “can be” are going to be different…and that’s okay. No matter what, I’d argue that taking care of your health so you can be married to the love of your life is more important than anything else.

My advice? Plan your wedding based on today’s wedding regulations, and create versions A, B, and C of your guest list. Keep it simple, and remember a lot of the “decor stuff” can be done DIY or last minute. Don’t even bother with creating seating charts until the week of your wedding (you can hire me to help with this daunting task), and get married on your planned wedding day with your team of wedding vendors by your side.

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