Imagine never having to stress about who’s in your wedding party

I offer you this unpopular & unconventional idea: save yourself and your fiancé a lot of time, potentially some hurt feelings, and your friends/family money by NOT having a wedding party at all.

I want to remind you there are no rules when it comes to weddings, only expectations. And there are plenty of expectations regarding who & how many people stand up next to the couple during the ceremony.

If keeping things simple is something you’re into, I will tell you from personal experience that I didn’t listen to expectations and it resulted in the best moment of our wedding.

When we got engaged, it was February 15th, 2018. Our 140+ person wedding was scheduled for May 5, 2018 (roughly 78 days). The circumstances: two of my best friends needed to purchase plane tickets (unexpectedly as we planned a wedding in a short period of time), and Michael’s family and friends were flying in from Texas.

Solution: it was easier to not having a wedding party.

Perks to not having a wedding party: less to coordinate, less money family and friends need to spend on clothes/hair/makeup, and more focus on what the wedding is celebrating; your relationship. It also makes planning a “wedding day timeline” easier, as there are now only two people.

The best part about not having a wedding party was the ceremony. It was really our moment, and everyone near and dear to us was able to comfortably watch from their seat. Honestly, the moment was a wonderful blur to me as everything around me seemed to fade as I stared into my husband’s eyes. It was peaceful, simple, and beautiful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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