4 Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Officiant

“We need someone to marry us”. Yes you do. From my point of view, here’s a few tips on how to select a Justice of the Peace or Wedding Officiant for your wedding ceremony!

For some couples it’s an “after-thought”, and for others its the first wedding vendor they hire, but everyone needs SOMEONE to marry them! From my perspective (naturally), hiring an officiant SHOULD absolutely go beyond price shopping. If I were you, I’d consider…

  1. Voice– Some people like my voice, some don’t. I’m not saying that you should determine someone’s VALUE AS A HUMAN BEING based on their voice, but hey…if you are picking someone to SPEAK IN PUBLIC & MARRY YOU, I think it’s okay to select an officiant with a voice you don’t mind listening to!

2. Energy & Personality– I’ll start by saying, “I’m not for everyone and neither are you”. And I say that knowing that if you were looking for an officiant who you’d consider “spunky, high energy, and naturally loud”, I’m not your first choice. Do you want someone calm and chill, or someone who is louder and steals the show? For the shy couple, maybe they want a louder officiant because they don’t want to stand in front of people. Or maybe the couple just prefers an officiant who is rather neutral (I’d argue this is me). It’s OKAY if you choose an officiant based off of their overall energy and personality.

3. Someone you feel comfortable in close physical proximity with. Yes, I said that. After all, an officiant is sharing only one of the most intimate/significant moments of your life…and likely standing smack in the middle of you and your betrothed…sooo, ideally you’d feel comfortable in their presence. Because they will be right next to you…

4. Someone who listens to your ideas. Choose an officiant who values what YOU want in YOUR wedding ceremony. It’s important a couple can feel like they’re on the “same page” as their officiant and open and honest dialogue with him/her. In my head, no idea a couple comes up with is a bad idea, and my ideal clients feel comfortable brainstorming with me. An officiant that wants to collaborate with you and get to know you as a couple will leave you with a beautiful, heartfelt wedding ceremony.

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